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icon Region 3 Schedule

Welcome to the Region 3 Men's Gymnastics Home Page. We hope you find the information useful, and welcome comments from coaches and other professional members.

icon USAG Schedule

In order to help coaches more efficiently schedule their teams competitions, USA Gymnastics now regularly lists Member Club SANCTIONED INVITATIONALS in Technique magazine and on USA Gymnastics Online. NOTE: The following "Type of Events" are NOT included in this listing:

Exhibition, Workshop, Clinic, or Testing

First, you must be a USA Gymnastics Member Club. Then, once your sanction form has been processed in the USA Gymnastics Member Services department, your invitations will automatically be added to the online list.

icon Summer Meeting

The purpose of the Summer Coaches Business Meeting is to discuss and vote on all matters pertaining to the state for
the upcoming year. It is highly recommended all clubs be represented at this meeting. Club Registration is accepted
at this meeting.

icon State Meet

Texas State Meets
All coaches interested in bidding on and hosting one of the Texas State Meets must read, understand and follow all
the rules outlined in Section 2 and Section 3 of the Texas Men’s Rules and Policies. This includes their being current
and properly USAG University Certified Professional Members affiliated with a USAG Member Club or Affiliated
Organization per USAG Event Sanction Requirements.

icon Region 3 Clinics/Camps/Education

State Clinics and GAT Convention Clinic
The State Clinic Director, will develop a plan to create and hold a State Clinic/s for coaches and athletes to be held
separate from the GAT Convention Clinic. He will present this plan to the State Committee for approval and
scheduling and upon approval of the event, serve as the Clinic Director.
The State Clinic can be hosted in conjunction with the Gymnastics Association of Texas convention. The State
Chairman and a GAT liaison will assist the GAT officials with securing lecturers for topics important to the men’s
gymnastics community. The State Education Director will recommend Lecturers and topics to the State Chairman
and we strongly encourage all men’s professional members to fully support and attend this function. Information on
the GAT convention can be found at www.gatx.org.
Future Stars Competition
Future Stars program information can be found at the USAG website. At this time, state Future Star testing will be
held in conjunction with the Regional Future Star testing and will be run by the Regional Chairman. Specific regional
information can be found at the Region 3 website.