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Summer Meeting

Texas Club Registration and Receiving Information

In order to receive important State and Regional information all clubs must be registered with the State Chairman. Club
registration is obtained and updated each year from State Meet entry forms and the Texas Summer Coaches Business
Meeting. New and existing clubs must fill out a registration form and send it to the State Registrar every year.
That form and contact info is available at: Texas Club Registration Form. A directory containing information on
current Texas clubs and coaches will be posted at the Texas website. Clubs not participating at the State Meet or the
Summer Coaches Business Meeting for two consecutive years will be dropped from the directory. It is important to have
a current email address in your registration information. All information will be dispersed via email.

All clubs must pay an annual registration fee of $50 to the Texas State Account in order to compete in the State
Championship Competition. This fee can either be paid annually at the Summer Business Meeting or given to the
Communications Director no later than the completion of Gymnastics Association of Texas (GAT) or on or about Labor
Day Weekend yearly. A late fee of $25 will be assessed immediately following that weekend, and teams pay the State
Registration Fee in order to have their State Meet Entry accepted. For first time competing, or new clubs, or in
extenuating circumstances, the Registrar has the authority to waive the late fee. Annual payment of the fee will be
noted on the official club contact information on the state website for clubs who have paid their annual club
registration fee to the state registrar.

The annual registration fee provides the State Chair and his Committees the funds for ongoing operating expenses for the
State. Clinic and Workshop stipends, State Chair Travel expenses, Committee Meeting expenses, Awards costs, Website
maintenance, State Meet Judging Subsidies, Summer Meeting expenses, etc. These funds also help cover the costs of
Educational Initiative implemented for the state community. (June 2012)