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State Meet

Rules and Guidelines
Meet directors must be knowledgeable and follow all rules pertaining to running men’s competitions using the
National Men’s Rules and Policies and the Texas Men’s Rules and Policies as a guide. The National R&P can be
found at:

In many areas including matters of entry fee, awards, and competition format an invitational can charge what they
want, award how they want and run the meet to best fit their needs. In addition, with the exception of the athlete age
requirement rules (6 year old rule, Sept. 1st rule) age groups can also be modified. It is strongly suggested that meets
run in Texas follow our State Meet age groups. A good guideline for running can be found at:


Equipment specifications and matting requirements as outlined in the National R&P cannot be changed. Those
requirements can be found in the USAG Men’s Jr. Olympic 2013-16 Program Handbook.