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Region 3 Clinics/Camps/Education

State Education and Clinic Director
Responsible for the design, development and ongoing implementation of coaches’ education initiatives with regard to
technical issues, skill development, state clinics, preferred state clinicians, videos, and lecture handout materials for
both compulsory and optional levels of gymnastics. He will coordinate the work of the State Apparatus Leaders and
will assist in the dissemination and interpretation of updates and revisions to the USAG National Programs, Judging
and National Coaching Staff technical newsletters, and FIG revisions and interpretations to the Code of Points.
He will recruit Apparatus Leaders, coaches and technicians to author articles on various skills, technical information,
sports medicine, psychology, etc. for the State Website. He will develop an annual list of preferred topics and
lecturers for the GAT Convention which can serve as the state clinic. He will work with the State Chairman to finalize
this list and work with the GAT Convention Clinic recruiter to secure and schedule those for the convention.
As State Clinic Director, he will develop a plan to create and hold a State Clinic/s for coaches and athletes to be held
separate from the GAT Convention Clinic. He will present this plan to the State Committee for approval and
scheduling and upon approval of the event, serve as the Clinic Director.

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